Weight Loss Surgery Conversion

Although bariatric surgery is usually quite effective, at times patients have contacted us about having another operation. In such instances, a surgical revision may be considered.

There are numerous factors that help us make this decision:

  • What type of surgery was initially performed.
  • When the initial operation was performed.
  • Where the initial operation was performed.
  • The postoperative instructions given after the initial surgery.
  • Initial weight loss history following surgery.

The type of bariatric surgery initially performed is very important when considering a revision. Obtaining an operative report of your initial surgery is very helpful. However, if you cannot provide an operative report, we can usually determine the type of surgery simply by doing an x-ray along with knowing when and where your surgery was performed.

Oftentimes, the postoperative instructions or aftercare provided to patients may have been lacking. Therefore, the patient did not know the best way to use their new “tool”. Even though you may be out of the “golden period” for rapid weight loss, you may benefit considerably from proper instruction and may be able avoid additional surgery, by engaging in our program.